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Daigokan Kenpo Family Tree Of Black Belts



Mitose was the twenty-first descendent of the founder of Kosho Ryu Kenpo . This style was developed and preserved by his family in Japan. Studied his first art at the temple on Mount Kinkai Kumamoyo.He introduced Kenpo to Hawaii in 1941 and adopted the belt system common to Japenese budo and awarded black belts to six of his students. He left Hawaii in 1956.

Jiro Nakamura | Arthur Keawe | William Chow | Thomas Young | Edward Lowe | Paul Yanaguchi

Ed Parker

Ed Parker took Kenpo to California from Hawaii
where he soon evolved his own distinctive
approach, becoming known as the Father of
American Kenpo Karate.
The best known Kenpo crest was designed
by Ed Parkers twin brother.

Brendan Walsh 1967

Brendan Walsh is the President of the Daigokan Kenpo Karate Club which he started in 1969.
He was awarded his first Dan black belt by Senior Grand Master Ed Parker in 1967 on the recommendation of John Mc Sweeney, Thomas Jordan, John Conway and James Rice . Brendan Walsh set up his first club in Pinehurst, Swindon, England and Senior Grand Master Ed Parker appointed him the Official Representative of the British International Kenpo Karate Association in 1968. Brendan Walsh met with Senior Grand Master Ed Parker on his visit to Ireland and gave him the authority to develop kenpo in Ireland. The Daigokan is one the oldest established Kenpo Clubs in Ireland and Europe. Grand Master Brendan Walsh graded the following twenty one black belts.

Desmond Tracey 1st Dan Brian Nolan 1st Dan Peter Reid 3rd Dan
Michael Travers 1st Dan Tony Murray 1st Dan John McLoughlin 3rdDan
Derek Doody 2nd Dan Vincent Dillion 1st Dan Joe Moran 5th Dan
Kieran Devlin 10th Dan David Corcoran 1st Dan Avril Mayne 2nd Dan
John Mc Guinness 1st Dan Carl Fitzgerald 1st Dan Robert Mangan 5th Dan
David Roberts 2nd Dan William Higgins 8th Dan Joe Shortall 4th Dan
Brian Hand 1st Dan Derek Hickey 8th Dan David Murphy 2nd Dan

Kieran Devlin (10th Dan)

Kieran Devlin started training in Kenpo Karate in 1970 under the instruction of Senior Grand Master Brendan Walsh in the famous Killester club and he awarded him his first Dan black belt in 1975. This made Kieran the youngest senior black belt in Ireland at the time. Kieran has been continuously active in Kenpo Karate since 1970 and was awarded with the rank of Grand Master 10th Dan black belt by Senior Grand Master Brendan Walsh in 2005. He is currently Vice-President of the Daigokan Kenpo Karate Ireland. Grand Master Kieran Devlin has been honoured for his significant contribution to Kenpo Karate in Ireland by being selected for inclusion in the Universal Hall of Fame award for 2006. He is now the youngest Grand Master in Ireland. Grand Master Kieran Devlin has awarded Black Belt ranking to the following.

Peter Reid (4th Dan) Robert Managan (5th Dan)
John McLoughlin (4th Dan) Joe Shortall (4th Dan)
Joe Moran (5th Dan) Eugene Malone (1st Dan)
Avril Mayne (3rd Dan)

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