Daigokan Kenpo Karate Ireland - Founded 1969

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Daigokan Kenpo Karate Ireland - Founded 1969 - Dublin Ireland

Daigokan Kenpo Karate Ireland is one of the longest established Kenpo Clubs in Ireland and Europe. It was founded by Grand Master Brendan Walsh in 1969 who is still the President of the club. It operated out of Killester from 1969 until December 2003 and then move to a newly built community centre called Le Cheile in Donnycarney Dublin Ireland. The club is run on a non profit basis and for the benefit of the community. All the black instructors are highly regarded and offer their services for free. The ethos of the club is to teach the art of Traditional Kenpo Karate by passing on their knowledge and skill of the art to the students. We are the only club that we know that does not charge for gradings. Grading are purely based on merit and the ability of the students.

Brendan Walsh received his 1st Dan Black Belt from Senior Grand Master Ed Parker on the recommendation of John Mc Sweeney, Thomas Jordan, John Conway, and James Rice in 1967. Brendan Walsh set up his first club in Pinehurst, Swindon, England and Senior Grand Master Ed Parker appointed him the Official Representative of the British International Kenpo Karate Association in 1968. Brenadan left behind in Swindon Phil Hegarthy who he graded to 1st Kyu Brown Belt and recommended him for his 1st Degree Black Belt. This was the first Kenpo Club in the UK and indeed in Europe outside of Ireland. Brendan Walsh meet with Senior Grand Master Ed Parker on his visit to Ireland where he also gave him the authority to develop kenpo in Ireland.

Grand Master Kieran Devlin who is the Vice President of the club was awarded his 10th Dan Black Belt from Senior Grand Master Brendan Walsh in 2005. Kieran started his training in 1970 in the famous Killester Kenpo Karate Club with Senior Grand Master Brendan Walsh and he awarded him his 1st Dan. Kieran has been active in Kenpo Karate since 1970 and in now the Grand Master of the club.

The club is run by a Council of members on a voluntary and non-profit basis.

President: Senior Grand Master Brendan Walsh

Vice President: Grand Master Kieran Devlin 10th Dan

Council Members: Senior Prof. Derek Hickey 7th Dan
Senior Prof. William Higgins 7th Dan
Assc. Prof. Robert Mangan 5th Dan

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